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Horrible!verse part 3/? - Chad & Ryan
We know how they swing
Horrible!verse part 3/?

Okay. See this, people? This is where it's going to get ugly. YOU ARE HEREBY WARNED.

Title: Protective Siblings and Pet Crocodiles

Author: [info]princess_aleera 

Words: 1707

Fandom: High School Musical

Warnings: really bad language, physical and emotional abuse(bullying), pre-slash, BAMF!Unsecure!Sharpay,no like, no read!

Spoilers/Rating: HSM 2/ NC-17 for language and... other stuff.

Diclaimer: Nope, I don't own HSM or Disney. Rub it in. Josh and the other boys are(unfortunately) mine.

Characters: Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, Sharpay Evans, OMC(Josh and others)

A/N:  Ryan wants to manage without the Evans name. It doesn't really work. Chad tries to make Ryan braver, with (very) unfortunate consequenses.



Protective Siblings and Pet Crocodiles




Everyone claimed that East High was an 'open school'. Ryan Evans was the example people would use; "we tolerate that flaming Evans kid, don't we?"


Yeah, well. Not so much, Ryan huffed.


He was at the bottom of the football team. Yes, they were all wearing clothes. God, he had standards, hadn't he? No, Ryan wasn't having sex. He was, in fact, getting his ass kicked, which was marginally better. Marginally.


Josh was captain of the football team, which also meant he was the one handing out orders. They were five burly kids with homophobia and too much free time on their hands; Ryan was a pale and skinny drama kid, so there really wasn't a fight. Ryan would usually just lie still and take the beatings, and they would grow bored after a while and leave him. Usually, they were kind in the way that they'd stay out of his face and upper arms, making sure there weren't any marks and bruises for others to see. It was probably for their own sake more than Ryan's, but he appreciated it anyway.


Which was kinda bizarre.


"How'ya doin' there, Faggie?" Josh asked, while one of the others twisted Ryan's arm. Ryan gasped.


"I said," Josh said slower, and the arm was twisted harder, "How. Are. You. Doing. Faggie."


"Not- too good- actually-" Ryan gritted out, pain shooting up his arm. The boys laughed. Oh, yes. You're a clever bunch, Ryan thought. He didn't say it out loud, of course; he didn't have a death wish.


"I'm sorry to hear that," Josh said, and nodded to a person behind Ryan. Someone grabbed a hold of his neck, and held him in a vice-like pinching grip.


"Okay, repeat after me," Josh said, and Ryan knew the last part of this bi-weekly torment had arrived.


"I like sucking dick."


"I like sucking dick," Ryan repeated monotonously.


"Oh, come on! You can do better than that!"


The grip on Ryan's neck hardened. "I- I like sucking dick!" he gasped out.


"I'm a perverted fag."


"I'm a perverted fag!" The grip didn't ease up.


"I love being fucked by men." Josh sneered.


"I love being fucked by men!" Ryan almost shouted this, more out of defiance than actual truth. One, Ryan hadn't fucked. Not literally, at least. Handjobs and blowjobs didn't count. Two, Ryan Evans wasn't going to bottom.


"Good Faggie." Josh nodded again, and they let Ryan go. "See you in a couple of days." And he patted Ryan on the head before leaving. Well, not so much patting as yanking his hair painfully, but still.


"Yeah," Ryan groaned, lying face down on the dirt track. "Can't wait."




"Hey, Evans."


"Hey, Chad," Ryan smiled. The darker boy dropped down beside him in the cafeteria, to Sharpay's great irritation.


"Ryan," she shrilled, "get rid of it!"


"So I'm an 'it', now?" Chad snorted. "Nice to know you're appreciated."


"Well," Sharpay sneered, "who could possibly not enjoy your musky odor, tainted clothes, simple humor or charmingly low brain capacity."


Chad laughed. "Well, at least I have nice hair."


Sharpay glared, but didn't say anything. Because if it was one thing Sharpay could appreciate with Chad, it was his hair.


"Besides, Ryan likes me for who I am. Don't you, Ryan?" Chad winked, and Ryan blushed gently. Chad blushed as well, and there was an awkward pause as they both remember that horrible day in the boys' locker room.


Sharpay glared at Chad again, knowing the thoughts passing between the boys. Ryan had been sulking several weeks afterward, trying to get over his crush. Even though he and Chad were talking again now, something was broken between them. Being called 'fag' by Chad was far worse than anything the football team had ever done to Ryan.


"Sorry," Chad said softly. "I didn't mean-"


Ryan waved him off. "I know. It's okay."


"Ugh, boys!" Sharpay snorted. "Just make out and be done with it, would you?" Then she left before either of them could say anything.


"I'm not-" Chad started, but stopped and sighed. "Whatever. She knows I'm not- like that."


Ryan didn't answer, just looked curiously at his friend. There was something off with Chad today.

Ryan waited to confront him until they were in the hallway. "What's up, Chad? You seem... strange."


Chad stopped. "I'm fine, just fine. You know, fine."


"Oh God, you're a horrible liar," Ryan groaned. He yanked Chad with him into a nearby closet.


"Ey! What's up with you Evans people dragging me around?" Chad huffed and straightened his t-shirt.


"It's what we do," Ryan reminded him.


"Oh, right."


"Chad, what's the matter. You're acting weird."


"No, I'm really not!" Chad claimed.


Ryan raised an eyebrow.


Chad sighed in defeat. "Okay, I really am. But it's not a big deal, it's just... A few things I need to figure out, is all."


Ryan still looked skeptic, but said only; "Okay. Just tell me if you need to talk to somebody. Contrary to common belief, I do not tell everything I know to Sharpay." Ryan thought of the newly formed bruise between his ribs. Nope. Not at all, actually.


Chad nodded. "Thanks, man. So, was there anything else? Cos you know, two boys locked in a closet... might give people the wrong idea." He winked, and Ryan smiled.


"No, that's it," he said, and turned to leave. A hand on his neck stopped him.


"Ryan, what's this?" Chad's voice was serious.


"What's what?"


"You have a bruise," Chad said, wiping his thumb of Ryan's neck, "there."


"Oh, that one," Ryan mumbled, briefly closing his eyes. He shivered at Chad's touch. Time and place, Ryan. Time and place. "It's nothing."


"This doesn't look like nothing. And it's not a 'love bite' either," Chad murmured, and turned Ryan to face him. "Is someone hurting you?"


"No," Ryan lied, and didn't meet his friend's gaze.


Chad frowned. "Ryan. Tell me."


"It's nothing!" Ryan exclaimed. "It's just- it's nothing."


Chad put a hand on Ryan's shoulder. "Who's. Hurting. You. And why aren't you fighting back?"


Ryan snorted. "Fight back? Are you kidding? I'd lose a fistfight with a kitten."


"You don't need to fistfight! You've got money! Your dad can just, I don't know! Assassinate them or something!"


"Smooth, Danforth. Real smooth. And that's just it, isn't it? I don't want everything about me to also be about my dad, or my money, or my sister!" Ryan said. Or my sexuality, a voice said, and he told it thoroughly to shut the hell up.


Chad rolled his eyes. "That doesn't mean you let creeps beat the crap out of you."


"They're not!" Ryan argued, although Chad was absolutely right. "Just- let it go, would you?"


Chad glared. "Fine. Just stop them, okay? I don't care how. You're an Evans, for Gods sake! Get a grip!" And he shook Ryan gently.


"Ow," Ryan muttered, "my neck."


"I rest my case," Chad said, before smiling gently.




"Chad Danforth!"


Oh, hell no, Chad thought as he saw Sharpay approaching. "Hey, Sharpay? What's up?"


Sharpay was currently in the middle of an outstanding lioness- impression, it seemed, and Chad backed up against his locker. Several other students followed his example. An angry Sharpay was a terrifying Sharpay.


"What," she sneered, almost breathing fire, "did you do to my brother."


"I didn't do anything! I swear, I really didn't."


Sharpay made a move as to grab his t-shirt, and Chad stopped her. "I'll go, I'll go! Just don't ruin my t-shirt."


"Oh, there's a lot more I can ruin than your t-shirt, Danforth," she said dramatically as they entered the usual closet.


"Huh, I wonder what the other students are thinking," Chad mused.




"Well, it's the third time in a week I've disappeared into this closet with an Evans twin," Chad shrugged.


"Don't you try to weasel yourself out of your horrible, gruesome death," Sharpay said and pointed a finger at him


Chad sighed. "Fine, what did I do."


"That's exactly what I want to know!"


"Well, I don't know!" Chad yelled, frustrated. "I don't even know what you mean!"


"You mean to tell me," Sharpay narrowed her eyes, "that you had nothing to do with the fact that Ryan's now wearing a giant black eye?"


Chad stopped dead. "Ry- Ryan's hurt?"


"Yes. And you did something, I know it."


"Shit," Chad whispered.


Sharpay waved impatiently. "Share, Danforth!"


"I think some guys are beating Ryan up," Chad explained. "I told him to fight back."


Sharpay forgot to be angry for a whole second, she was so surprised. "He's what? You what?"


"I didn't mean for him to fight, just to send your dad after him or something!"


"You- idiot- Dan- forth!" She said, hitting Chad on square on the head for each syllable. "Who knows how many more bruises he has now, because of you?"


"What about you?" Chad replied, angry. "You're his twin sister! Don't you find it a little weird that I found out before you did?"


"I- It- That has nothing to do with it!" she shrilled.


"You're wrong. It has everything to do with it." Chad crossed his arms as he saw confusion pass over Sharpay's eyes.


"I- well, maybe we haven't talked a lot since the summer," Sharpay muttered, suddenly sounding defensive.


"Because he's still hurt."


"I didn't mean to ditch him for Troy!" She was completely defensive now, looking almost pleading. "And he still won't talk to me! I don't know what's going on with him anymore, Chad."


Not daring to go further, Chad patted her wrist gently. He noticed she'd called him 'Chad', not Danforth. Maybe this was her softer side.


"You gotta give him time," he murmured softly. "And try to talk to him about the bruises. I don't know who put them there, but I would very much like to find out."


She straightened. "Of course I'll find out. And then I shall make someone slice them into several small parts and feed them to my pet crocodile." And then she walked out of the closet, leaving a Chad in emotional vertigo behind.


He wasn't sure if Sharpay was serious, or even if she actually had a pet crocodile. He really didn't want to know.




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