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Horrible!verse part 4/17 - Chad & Ryan
We know how they swing
Horrible!verse part 4/17
Okay, this is officially the worst chapter. After this, it will get bet- okay, it'll get worse, angst-wise. But then it's gonna get better. Promise.

Title: Don't Cry

Author: [info]princess_aleera 

Words: 1019

Fandom: High School Musical

Warnings: Physical and emotional abuse(bullying), bad language, non-con/rape- no like, no read!

Spoilers/Rating: None/Uhm, the highest? NC-17/ M+? I'm pretty graphic here.

Diclaimer: Nope, I don't own HSM or Disney. Rub it in. But if I did, I'd never let something like this happen. I PROMISE. And Josh, Mike and the others are all mine. Unfortunately.

Characters: Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, Sharpay Evans, OC(Josh, Mike and a few others)

A/N:  Ryan shouldn't have fought back that one time, probably.



ETA:  Part 4 of the Horrible!verse.



Don't Cry


"Somehow," Josh said slowly, "I don't think 'fag' quite covers it." He put a bit more weight on his left foot, and Ryan gasped in pain.


"What's that, Dick-Boy?" Josh smirked and stepped harder on Ryan's fingers. The other five jocks snickered. "Dick- Boy's good, right? It suits him. It's even better than Faggie."


"Please-" Ryan gasped, "hurts-"


"What?" Josh mocked. "What hurts? This?" And he stepped harder on Ryan's fingers. There was a crunching sound, and Ryan screamed in pain.


"Make him shut up, Mike," Josh nodded to a blond, tall kid. He stepped forward and kicked Ryan in the stomach. Ryan gasped and writhed, his green trousers getting all muddy from the wet ground. Tears welled in his eyes.


"What's that, Dick-Boy? Gonna cry?" Josh talked to him like he was a baby. "You want comfort? Hm?" And he nodded to Mike. Mike kicked Ryan again, in the back this time.


Ryan closed his eyes and mouth firmly. He was not going to cry. He was not. Going. To cry.


"Aw, Dick- Boy needs comfort, you guys." As Josh spoke, the remaining four jocks stepped visibly closer. "Hey, I know! Let's give him what he likes best!"


Ryan opened his eyes in horror, and Josh leaned down to face him. He pulled at Ryan's hair until they were staring right at each other.


"Wouldn't you like that, Dick-Boy?" Josh whispered, and licked his lips.


Ryan whimpered, unable to speak. He was still clutching his stomach, panting. It hurt to breathe.


"Yeah, I think you'd like that," Josh continued, "you and that pretty little mouth of yours." He grabbed Ryan's mouth hard. "Practically made for sucking dick, eh?"


Ryan closed his eyes again. He'd been afraid many times before. Hell, he'd been scared shitless several times, especially times concerning these guys. But he'd never felt like this before. He'd never even gotten close to this level of terrified.


"Fellas," Josh said, "he's all yours."


Ryan felt four pair of hands grab him as Josh let go of his mouth. They lifted him up from the ground, each one holding an arm or a leg. A fifth pair of hands, Ryan assumed they belonged to Josh, started working on his zipper. Ryan writhed desperately, trying to hit or kick whatever, or whoever, he could. He still didn't open his eyes. He would not give them the pleasure of seeing how scared he was.


"Mike," Josh said, calm as ever.


The grips on his left arm shifted suddenly, and Mike punched Ryan in the face. He felt(and heard) his nose break, and cried out. The same hand that had hit him, immediately covered his mouth. Tears were stinging in his eyes, and he felt blood trickling down his face.


"Now, are you gonna be a good cocksucker, or do we have to break something else?" Josh's voice said, reaching Ryan's ears through the haze of pain. His fingers and nose throbbed, and he nodded. The hand disappeared, and he could breathe freely again.


"What's that, Dick- Boy?" Josh asked.


"I'll-" Ryan's voice broke. "I'll be good."


"Of course you will," Josh mocked. "You want this, remember?"


And then the hands were back on his zipper. Ryan pressed his mouth and eyes shut, and clenched his fists. But he didn't fight. Josh dragged his pants off him, then his boxer briefs. Then the arms let go, all of a sudden, and Ryan hit the ground. Hard. He grunted at the impact.


"Oh, Dick- Boy's getting horny," Josh smirked, and the others laughed.


Seeing as his t-shirt had been ripped off him before all this, Ryan was now completely naked. He curled into a tiny ball, trying to shield himself, hoping they would just take his clothes and leave him in the alley. No such luck. He felt the hands return, this time pinning him firmly to the ground on his stomach. Someone grabbed his mouth again.


"What is it, Dick- Boy?" Josh voice whispered, close to his ear. "Don't you like to watch?" A thumb stroked Ryan's bottom lip softly. "Open up for me."


Ryan didn't want to, but he had to open his mouth again. His nose was swollen and filled with blood, so he couldn't breathe properly through it. He let out a shuddering breath.


Josh, however, seemed to take this as an invitation. "Good fag!" he exclaimed, tousling Ryan's hair. Then something big got inside Ryan's mouth, and he gagged. He could hear Josh moan, and the other jocks laughed.


"Josh?" It was Mike's voice.


"Go ahead," Josh said, his voice strained with pleasure. He thrust into Ryan's mouth and let out another moan. "Dick- Boy's got a good mouth," he grunted.


Ryan couldn't breathe. He tried to get some air in between the thrusts, and tried not to think about what was really happening. He was getting dizzy and nauseous. Then he felt a pair of hands there. "No," he gasped, trying to force the word out.


"Yes," Mike sneered, and then the was a sharp, rippling pain in Ryan's ass.


He arched and tried to scream, but couldn't- even if his mouth had been free, he wouldn't have been able to. The pain, he could have taken. But the shame, the feeling of intrusion... It made him want to vomit, then curl himself into a ball and die.


Mike groaned. "Holy fuck, he's tight," he gritted out, and just like that, Josh came inside Ryan's mouth.


Ryan wasn't prepared for it, and panicked when he couldn't breathe. He tried to spit it out, but Josh was still in his mouth. Therefore, Ryan had no other choice but to swallow what he could.


"Oh, he's a swallower!" A third voice said with glee, one of the other boys. Ryan could feel Mike tense, and then the other jock came inside him as well.


"Holy fuck," Mike gasped and collapsed on top of Ryan.


"My turn," The third voice said. Other voices muttered their agreement.


"Go ahead," Josh panted as he pulled out, "we'll all have a go. Won't that be nice, Dick- Boy?"


And then Ryan started to cry.



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