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Horrible!verse 5/17 - Chad & Ryan
We know how they swing
Horrible!verse 5/17
Okay, done with the graphic stuff now. This part was written on the prompt: "Grief", so it's not really happy this one either:P


Title: Fencepost and Lifeline

Author: princess_aleera 

Words: 1138

Fandom: High School Musical

Warnings: Endless angsting, pre-slash, pre-story; non-con/rape- no like, no read!

Spoilers/Rating: None/ NC-17

Diclaimer: Nope, I don't own HSM or Disney. Rub it in. But if I did, I'd never let something like this happen. I PROMISE.

Characters: Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, OFC

A/N: I AM SO SORRY, RYAN. AND CHAD. AND SHARPAY. Chad picks up courage... A little too late.


ETA: This story can be read by itself, or as part of the Horrible!verse. This is part 5.





Fencepost and Lifeline



Beep, beep, beep...


Chad cursed. Ryan still wouldn't pick up the phone, and it was starting to worry him. Even Sharpay couldn't reach him, and there was just no way Ryan didn't answer a call from his sister. The pain she would inflict on those that dared to ignore her, was far worse than anything Ryan would risk. If Sharpay had been a creature, she'd been a Veela. Or possibly a dragon.


Frustrated, Chad called again. That would be his seventeenth call. Come on, pick up. Chad wouldn't listen to the rumors that stated Ryan had left school with a bunch of jocks from North High, presumably to have group sex in a nearby alley. Because even though he could be a little... fast, Ryan wasn't a slut. Doing an entire team? Not so much. The Evans family had standards, after all.


Chad was yanked out of his thoughts by the dim sound of music. Not A sound of music, the actual Sound of Music. It was clear that it came from a telephone, and Chad knew only one person in New Mexico who would dare to have that as a ring tone.


The sound came from the nearby alley, and alarm bells immediately started chiming in Chad's head. Uh-oh. This is bad. This is bad.


He broke into a run.


"Ryan?" Chad called his cell again. The sound was louder this time, coming from the far end of the alley. There was a pile of clothes by some trash cans, and Chad could make out a pair of green pants. They were broken and full of mud.


Chad's heart started beating painfully in his chest. That was Ryan's pants; he'd seen them on him earlier that day. And no group sex in the world would make him destroy those pants.


That meant something was very wrong. "Ryan!" He cried again. Still no answer. Chad reached the pile of clothes and looked around. In the farthest corner, behind two trash cans, he saw something pale. He went over, and stopped dead in his tracks. "Oh. My. God."


Ryan was lying in a heap on the ground. He wasn't wearing any clothes at all, but most parts of his body was covered in grime, mud, blood and- something else Chad didn't want to think about. He wasn't moving.


"Ryan!" Chad rushed over, gently touching the other boy's shoulder. He shook him, and Ryan's head lolled from side to side. He's so cold. Without thinking about the nudity, Chad dragged him close, and tried to give as much body heat to the naked boy as he possibly could. He had a pulse. Thank God. Then Chad pulled out his phone again.


"911 Emergency Call, how can I help you?"


"Yeah, I-" Chad's voice broke, and he fought against the tears in his eyes. "I need an ambulance to Revello Road, the alley. There's... been an accident."


"What kind of accident?" the female voice asked.


"Just get the fucking ambulance!" Chad yelled into the phone. Then- "sorry, I'm sorry. I just- please hurry."


"Very well, sir," the voice answered. "We're sending a unit immediately."




Chad was pacing. The hospital corridor was pretty packed with people, some who glared at Chad. Supposedly, he was disrupting the piece or something. Chad could not care less.


"Ryan Evans?" a nurse called.


"I'm with him," Chad said quickly, and almost ran over to her.


"Are you... family?" she asked as she took a look at him.


"I'm-" and then Chad stopped. What exactly was he? He couldn't fake as a family member, even with claiming he was adopted. He couldn't pull it off. And as for boyfriend, well. Ryan thought Chad was straight as a fencepost. He'd tried to 'woo' Chad, had failed miserably, and had let the hope of the two of them die a long time ago. Chad, however, wasn't really sure anymore.


Okay, so he really was sure. He had just freaked a little, knowing the truth. That he had a giant, sappy crush on Ryan Evans. These things takes getting used to, you know.


And suddenly, the other things didn't matter anymore. He had to see Ryan now. "I'm his boyfriend," Chad said sternly, meeting the nurse's eyes.


She looked mildly shocked, but hid it behind a plastic smile. "O- okay, then. Come with me."


Chad could practically read her thoughts as they fled over her face. Shame, why are the nice ones always gay? He snickered, even though he felt horrible. He wanted Ryan.


"There you go, sir," the nurse smiled and opened a door. Inside it was a big, white bed, inhabited by a small, pale boy.


Chad's heart fell as he saw the tubes. "Why is he- I mean, can't he breathe by himself?"


The nurse patted his arm. "Yes, he can. That's just an extra precaution. His nose is broken, and his throat is swollen."


"Why is his throat swollen? How does that happen?" Broken nose, he could get. Punch, kick. But swollen throat? Chad didn't understand how that could've happened during a normal beating. Of course, this wasn't a normal beating, wasn't it. A 'normal' beating wouldn't land Ryan in the hospital. And it was Chad's fault.


The nurse looked at him, as though not sure he'd want to know or not. That bad, Chad thought idly, but said only: "Please. I need to know."


She nodded. "Injuries like that happens if something is forced into the mouth and palate. Judging by his... other... injuries, we are pretty sure what happened. I'm sorry, Mr..."


"Danforth," Chad said weakly, as the truth began to seep in. "Are you- Are you saying that Ryan was raped?"


The nurse looked at Ryan, sadly. "I'm sorry, Mr. Danforth. I'm not allowed to discuss the details with other than members of his family." And her eyes said Yes, that's what I'm saying.


Chad stumbled over to Ryan's bed. Ryan was still sleeping, or unconscious, a plastic tube taped into his mouth. He had bruises all over his face, neck and clavicle, which were the only parts of him that weren't covered by material. His nose was swollen and slightly crooked, and there were gashes in his lip, chin, and one on his neck. Chad touched Ryan's cheek gently, and Ryan flinched in his sleep. He whimpered slightly, and his brows furrowed.


"It's me, Ryan," Chad whispered, holding Ryan's hand as some sort of lifeline. The other hand was bandaged. "It's Chad. You're safe now, okay? You're safe."


Chad thought about what the nurse had said- or rather, hadn't said- to him. He, Chad, has asked Ryan to 'fight back', to 'stand up for himself'. Ryan had. And this is what had happened.


Chad abruptly got up, and ran into the small bathroom. There he stayed for a while, praying to the porcelain goddess.





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