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Horrible!verse part 7/17 - Chad & Ryan
We know how they swing
Horrible!verse part 7/17

Title: The Forbidden Word

Author: [info]princess_aleera 

Words: 701

Fandom: High School Musical

Warnings: Angsting, bad language, cruel kids

Spoilers/Rating: None/PG-13

Diclaimer: Nope, I don't own HSM or Disney. Rub it in.

Characters: Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, Sharpay Evans, Miss Darbus

A/N: Sharpay freaks.


ETA: This story can be read by itself, or as part of the Horrible!verse. This is part 7.





The Forbidden Word




As unbearable it may have seemed for Sharpay to leave Ryan and go to school after the weekend, the day was gonna get so much worse.


People noticed it at once; how Sharpay's faithful lap dog was missing. No one asked her, though. Students from East High may be stupid, narrow-sighted, evil- but they weren't suicidal. They treated her with the same amount of fearful awe as always, possibly more. But even Sharpay couldn't miss the whispers.


"… Heard it was a drug deal gone wrong..."


"… beaten up by his pimp..."


"… his dad almost killed him..."


"… with the entire football team!..."


Sharpay walked through the corridors, scowling. She was on edge, barely following her classes. She was clutching her cell phone the entire day, fiddling with it absentmindedly. She wasn't sure if she was hoping for it to call, or not to call. Maybe both.


"Sharpay Evans!" The voice of her drama teacher brought Sharpay back to the present.


"Ms. Darbus," she replied, glaring.


"I would advise you to pay attention in my classes, miss Evans, even though you are currently not the focal point of attention." Darbus peered at her over her glasses, and some other students snickered.


Sharpay was very tempted to tell Darbus to stick her 'focal point' up where the sun never shone, but thought better of it. I am an Evans, she thought to calm herself. I am better than this. She smiled at her teacher, like a cat right before it would pounce.


A cell phone rang.


"Who in the holy name of theatre!" Darbus cried out, looking around for the source. The source, it turned out, was in Sharpay's hand.


"Hello?" She answered at the first ring.


"Shar, it's Chad," the reply was.


Any other time, Sharpay would have scolded him for using Ryan's pet name for her. This wasn't any other time, though. "What is it? What's wrong?"


"I'm- I'm not sure, really," Chad said. "He just had a fit, out of nowhere. He fell out of the bed, and hurt himself."


"Oh, God," Sharpay put a hand in front of her mouth. "How is he now?"


"The nurses gave him something to calm him down, and then they kicked me out. I don't know, Shar. They won't tell me anything." Chad sounded as close to tears as she felt.


Sharpay heard Darbus shouting in the background. "Okay, Chad. I- I have to go now, okay? I'll call you as soon as I get there." She hung up.


"Miss Evans!" Darbus yelled dramatically, waving at Sharpay with her violet scarf. "I would have thought that you, of all these people, would have understood the significance of respect in the theatre, to keep that godawful piece of technology out of here, to-"


"Shut up!" Sharpay shouted, and every single student in the room gasped.


Darbus looked like she'd been slapped. "Miss- miss Evans? How dare you!"


Sharpay laughed. "How dare I? How dare I?! How dare you, Miss Darbus, to treat me like I have disgraced theatre? When you, of all people, should know that the theatre is my life, my everything?"


Sharpay stood up, her voice lowering dangerously. "Oh no, that's right. Not my everything. Because the one thing I care about more than theatre, more than myself, is my brother. My brother, who is currently hospitalized and in pain. The same brother I got a call about just now. So yes, miss Darbus, I dare." At the end of her speech, her voice was shaking.


The classroom was deadly quiet as Sharpay made her way toward the door. With a hand on the door knob, she turned around. "Oh, and miss Darbus?"


"Y- yes?"


"I quit." Sharpay was a sucker for dramatic endings, after all. As an afterthought, she said the Forbidden Word. "Macbeth."


Then she walked out, her pride never fading. It didn't matter that she was falling apart on the inside. It didn't matter that she still had no idea what had happened to her brother, or that she'd officially ended the one good thing East High had to offer her. It didn't matter as long as she had her pride, her mask on.


She was an Evans, after all.




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