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Chad & Ryan
We know how they swing
Hey, everyone...

So, I started writing this !verse for h/c_bingo. Eventually, it turned out to be really long, and INCREDIBLY angsty. SO, I'm gonna try to post it here, because no one else has posted anything for over a month:/

This may seem nice now, but by GOD it will turn ugly in a few chapters. I have warned you.

Hot, Indeed

Author: [info]princess_aleera 

Words: 837

Fandom: High School Musical

Warnings: Unrequited slash

Spoilers/Rating: HSM 2/ PG-13 for language

Diclaimer: Nope, I don't own HSM or Disney. Rub it in.

Characters: Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, other Wildcats

A/N: A different take on what happened after the game. I grabbed some lines directly from the movie. I also changed the timeline, so Troy and Sharpay were jerks really early in the summer vacation.

ETA: This story can be read by itself, or as part of the Horrible!verse. This is part 1.





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Err, Hi
can anyone tell me if the fic I vaguely remembered really existed?
All I can remember is that it was Chad/Ryan (duh!) and They were out at East High and everyone was being really, really accepting about it, and it was freaking CHad out a little, but Ryan was just glad that no one was trying to spilt them up or anything like they'd done to Troy and Gabrielle.
So yeah, does that ring any bells?
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My story on FanFiction (rated M, incomplete): http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5720762/1/Its_Greener_on_the_Other_Side

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So early this week I did a meme, calling for prompts for "Five times..." or "Five times (plus one)" fics. I got a bunch of responses, and many of them were Chad/Ryan. I'm still working my way through, but here are the first batch!

Five Times Troy Didn't Get Chad's Obsession With Ryan (And The One Time He Did)
Barely PG; about 1800 words.

Five Encounters Between Chad and Ryan at Starbucks
Again, barely PG; about 2,800 words.

Five Times Chad Said Please (And The One Time He Didn't Have To)
Adult! Some groping and boderline smut. About 2,200 words.
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Author: amaXdear
Title: To Be Blind
Rating: G
Summary: Ryan muses on his interracial relationship, and is relatively unfazed.
Note: This is my first High School Musical fic (ohmigod, I just wrote a High School Musical fic), but I’ve read just about every other fic on this community and it’s far from my first fanfiction, but I'm more of a Glee writer. So… yeah.

He closes his eyesCollapse )

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Author: CeliaLauna
Title: Rotten Valentine
Disclaimer: Not mine...
Warnings: None... Valentine's Day Fic!
Pairings: Chyan
Summary: Chad was in a rotten mood. No other way to put it. Is it possible that a simple letter can cheer him up?

Rotten ValentineCollapse )
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Summary: High School Musical 2's deleted Chyan scenes are now here for reading! Whoo! Let your imagination go wild! Rated K+ for now, will be rated M in the future.

Read story...Collapse )

Ryan slowly stood up from the ground. He was filthy and humiliated. Chad had won the game.

Ryan thought, despondently. If he'd won, he would have been able to teach the Wildcats how to dance. It would have been fantastic. Helping the Wildcats would have irritated his sister, Gabriella would have been happy, and best of all he would have been able to spend more time with Chad. After this, they'd probably not spend time with each other for the rest of the summer.

Ryan had gotten so attached to the dark boy; he felt they had connected during the game. The teasing, the looks, the competition... Ryan hadn't had so much fun in years. Chad had ignited something deep inside Ryan; the boy made him feel as if he'd just won a Star Dazzle Award (not that he knew what it felt like, but he imagined it'd be the greatest feeling ever). He was upset that he'd lost his chance.

Ryan sighed as he slowly walked away from the Wildcats. Chad cheered as he received pats on the back and hugs from every direction. Ryan tried to ignore his victorious hollers.

"Hey, Evans!" called Chad. Ryan paused and turned his head slightly to the left, too ashamed to turn around as he waited for the 'I told you so' he knew he'd receive.

"I'm not saying I'm gonna dance at the show..." Chad began. He caught his breath. Ryan's face lit up as he waited for Chad to continue. "But if I did... what would you have me do...?" Chad asked; his voice soft as he looked Ryan up and down from the back.

'I don't want to lose this... whatever it is...' Chad thought as he waited for Ryan's reply. The pale boy said nothing, only smirked.

'It seems Chad feels a connection, as well. Wonderful...' Ryan thought before continuing to step ahead. Once Chad realized he wasn't getting a reply, he turned back around and he and his teammates continued to congratulate each other.

"Yeah! WILDCATS! Winners til the end of time!" Chad exclaimed as his teammates praised him.

"Whoo!" The team yelled.

"Man, you won it for us! We won the game! AND we get to dance!" Jason exclaimed, smiling brightly. Chad smiled back showing off his white teeth in a crooked, smug smile. He nodded. The other teammates looked at Jason curiously before laughing. Zeke pushed the back of Jason's head, playfully.

"Man, of course we won! It was me or Evans. A Wildcat or a show dog... Who'd you think was gonna win?" Chad said, sarcastically. The team laughed.

"You still have to admit. Evans was pretty good," Zeke said, nodding quickly as he smiled. The team agreed and Chad winced.

"Yeah. I guess. He's better than I thought," Chad said, reluctantly complimenting the interesting boy. Chad shook his head. He sounded much to sincere for his own comfort. "For someone related to Sharpay, I mean," he quickly added as they began walking to the fence's entrance; ready to get something to eat as they'd planned to before the game. The Wildcats looked at each other, some smiling and some chuckling quietly.

Once off the field, Chad looked around for Ryan. He was hard to miss despite how far away he was; his white outfit shone bright as the hot sun hit him. Chad noticed that Ryan was heading to the locker room. He felt a wave of disappointment as Ryan walked further away. He was sad to see his new friend leave so soon. Ryan made him truly happy; for the first time since Troy became a jerk.

He decided that he'd invite Ryan to eat with him and the other wildcats.

"Be back," Chad quickly said. He wiped the back of his hand against his sweating forehead as he stepped a few feet ahead.

"You goin' to congratulate him?" Zeke joked once he saw Chad run in Ryan's direction. He elbowed a blond teammate in the rib, earning a laugh.

"Not in a million years," Chad replied with, snorting. The team laughed as Jason stood there confused.

"Sharpay's not a 'him'," Jason informed seconds later.

"Dude, I was talkin' about her brother," Zeke said. Jason paused, then he made an "o" shape with his mouth as realization struck him.


Ryan was walking slowly, going over everything that had happened during the game. Chad looked so attractive in his large over shirt and tight, white tank-top. Ryan couldn't get his mind off the black-haired boy's scent, attitude, and body. He knew they had shared an intense connection on that field...

'What kind of connection did we share, though?' Ryan asked himself. 'Was it more of a friendly connection or is our Danforth more interested in boys than he lets on?' he wondered, curiously. He bit the inside of his lower lip as he stared at the ground in thought.

Just then, he heard the dirt crunching beneath someone's quick feet. Someone was running in his direction. A smile made it's way onto his face.

"Evans!" Ryan heard. It was Chad; just as he suspected. Ryan stopped walking, then slowly turned around; clasping his hands behind his back.

"Danforth," Ryan said. Ryan wanted Chad to call him by his first name. It felt more intimate. He wondered if Chad had the same desire.

Chad caught up to Ryan, then bent forward and rested his hands on his knees as he caught his breath. Ryan looked at him from above, serious and curious.

"Hey, man... the name's Chad. Only old people... call me Danforth," Chad said, breathlessly. Ryan nodded briefly and then the smile returned to his face.

"Will do... as long as you call me Ryan," Ryan said. Chad stood up, having caught his breath, and put his hands on his hips.

"Fine," Chad said. Ryan smiled and Chad smiled briefly in return.

"So... Ryan. We're going to get something to eat..." Chad said; bobbing his head to the right in the direction of his team.

"Well... enjoy your food," Ryan said, feigning innocence as he put his hands in his pockets.

"I've gotta change, so..." Ryan said as he turned around slowly. He wondered how badly Chad wanted his company.

Chad immediately gripped Ryan's elbow from the back and turned him around, forcefully. Ryan's lips parted as he looked up at Chad with wide eyes. The submissive look caused Chad to feel like he was doing something wrong and he quickly released Ryan, blinking rapidly. He regained his composure, then glared at Ryan.

"You wanna join?" Chad asked, impatiently.

Ryan paused, pursing his lips and putting his hands on his hips as he thought. Chad seemed eager, Ryan happily noted. He pressed his lips together in a thin line. He was quiet for much too long, more for Chad's suspense than anything. He then piped up and smiled. "Sure!"

"Sweet! Let's go, I'm starving," Chad said, putting a hand on his stomach. Ryan raised a brow.

"I'm not eating like this. I'm a mess," Ryan said. He stood still and held his arms out to his sides, palms up to prove his point.

"So?" Chad said.

"So, I'm going to change first," Ryan said as he pointed with his thumb to the locker room. "I'll catch up when I'm done."

Chad paused. He decided he'd stay with Ryan and get changed, himself.

"Naw, I'd better just get changed, too... while I'm here. It'll save a trip," he said, feeling the need to excuse himself. Ryan raised his brows, smiled at the idea of them changing together, and then continued heading for the building with Chad at his side. He hoped Chad's locker wasn't too far away from his own.

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I just joined the community (and the fandom), and was inspired to draw a little Chad/Ryan that I thought I'd share. 
Hope this is ok...
Anyway, just follow the link! :) (Sorry for the ugly link, but I just can't get this thing to work... >-<)

(I'm not sure which tag to use?

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Hello all!

I have compiled a Chyan College Fic List on my lj, hope it is useful to everyone and that you like it!

If you have any college fic recs please drop me a comment there so I can add them to the list!
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Hi guys! I love Chyan, oh yes yes, I do! Ryan in particular, the gorgeous thing... I'm working on a fanfic, currently, and my friend and I have made a DevianArt Chyan club for those of you who can draw or want to put their stories up. :) http://chyan-lovers-club.deviantart.com/journal/27676598/ 

Spread the Chyan love, my friends! <3

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